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The Story

It’s 2009, my job is on the chops. I walk into the room waiting for my manager to give me the news.

I was 18 months into my first job after university. I was an insurance analyst with the largest mortgage lender of the country and the Global Financial Crisis kicked off. Failing to retain my job would mean being shown the door. It meant losing my visa to remain in the country, which meant so much to me.

There was a moment in my teenage year when all I wanted was to get a university degree that lead to a safe and secure job. I chose an actuarial degree, that's got to be recession proof, or so I thought.

My dad ran his own company. He was a successful civil engineer running a construction business laying foundations for buildings. Business is good until the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis almost decimated the business. His company survives. He lives to tell the tale and still heads the business today.

My mum was a full time mother who raised 3 sons. She was a strict mum. She once confiscated my radio and like most asian parents still wanted me to learn how to play the piano.

I grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the 90s. 🇲🇾

In 2013, I met a business mentor who showed me how I could use my talent to create interviews and engineer a career pivot.

I knew nothing about sustainability and the environmental movement but was curious enough to learn about the topic. I launched my first podcast - Cleanweb Conversations, interviewing founders of environmental startups in the London tech scene. I was inspired by the people I met.

It was the start of my journey meeting and learning from great mentors. They were inspiring and generous.

I become a community manager at a tech startup. I organised lots of events. I even help build London's largest coworking space for sustainability startups.

One day, a friend asked if I could help him set up his podcast, and then he asked if I could edit his shows. Similar enquiries came.

That is how I became a podcast agency owner and a podcasting mentor. Officially, my job is to work with impact entrepreneurs to launch and scale podcasts. But really, I make entrepreneurs fall in love with the podcasting process so that they can create a podcast that they are proud of which ultimately leads to the income and impact that only they can make.

The greatest outcome for me is when my clients text me a screenshot and telling me: “Woon, I’m getting this amazing review on my podcasts!” And that to me is the greatest reward of what I do.

I am so grateful that I get to wake up every day and get to be a part of the podcasting journey of really amazing people, getting their message out and make an impact.

And that first analyst job when the Global Financial Crisis hit, they kept me in the company but moved me to different team. I learned how important it is to be belonging.

My purpose in life is to acknowledge others to feel a sense a belonging and listened to so that knowing their voice is heard they can make a difference.

The Bio

Graduated BSc Actuarial Science, London School of Economics. Qualified with diploma in Actuarial Techniques.

Actuarial Pricing Analyst for Home and Motor Insurance for HBOS, Lloyds Banking Group and Tesco Underwriting for 10 years.

Worked with Brian Rose of London Real on 100’s of podcast episodes, managing Youtube channel and website content, organising team of the inaugural London Real Summit.

Community Manager for IYWTo, working with founders Francesco Cara and Stefana Broadbent, built an award winning tech platform curating over 4000 sustainable lifestyle projects, products and services.

Organised 60 events for Cleanweb London and Sustainable Workspaces, including talks, masterminds, hackathons and investor startup pitch events.

Managed the largest community of grassroots entrepreneurs developing digital technology addressing sustainability, environment and climate change. Meeting with over 500 startup founders in 4 years of community management.

Raised £132k through crowdfunding for Sustainable Bankside, largest coworking community of sustainable startups in London.

Founded Podcast Publishing in Dec 2019 after 6 months of freelance editing podcasts for friends.

Mentored by Roger James Hamilton through Wealth Dynamics Masters, Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind and Crystal Circle.

Organising team of GeniusU London City Circle Entrepreneurs Social with Luca and Catherina Bernardini.

Top mentor, partner on GeniusU, part of Genius Group, world’s #1 entrepreneur education group.

Early member of Trusted Buyers Club on GeniusU, microeconomy with trusted community of motivated buyers.

Member of B1G1, business for good community.

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