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About Woon Tan

My purpose in life is to acknowledge others to feel a sense a belonging and listened to so that knowing their voice is heard they can make a difference.

I'm a podcast agency owner and a podcasting mentor.

Officially, my job is to work with impact entrepreneurs to launch and scale podcasts.

But really, I make you fall in love with the podcasting process so that you can create a podcast that you are proud of which ultimately leads to the income and impact that only you can make.


Success stories from Woon's clients

"If you want quality, committed, personal service, I highly recommend Woon Tan of Podcast Publishing."

JP Dallmann - Host of Impact Leaders Podcast - ILA & Partners

"I worked with Woon on his Get Podcasting Group programme. Woon really knows what he is talking about when it comes to creating a podcast, editing and launching a podcast. He is patient and takes time to ensure you understand the points being made. Woon provides so much value within the programme. Doing Woon's programme has held me accountable to turn my idea of a podcast into something real. I would really recommend Get Podcasting if you want to get podcasting!"

Lyn Man - Host of Every Business Counts - EarthAcounter

"I have created a podcast called Stories of Expansion with the wonderful Woon Tan. It has been a total delight and joy to work with Woon. He is very knowledgeable, easy to work with and fast. We have created the podcast in a few days from the moment of getting an idea on train to a realise there was only about 9 days!. Woon has helped me to fulfil one of my greatest dreams I have had for years. Thanks to his helped I am having so much fun creating this podcast and reaching more people around the world."

Gosia Gorna - Host of Stories of Expansion

"I believe podcasting is an important form of media for my audience. I have been wanting to launch my podcast for sometime, but finding it hard to get the time to do it. Woon worked with me and my team to plan the podcast. It was easy and enjoyable working with Woon. He helped us gain clarity putting our podcast strategy together. I was very happy that the podcast is launched and my community is now able to access my content in podcast. I recommend anyone thinking of starting a podcast to work with Woon and use the Podcast Launch Express."

Monica Batsukh - Host of Challenge Vs Opportunity Podcast

"It is absolutely critical to use someone like Podcast Publishing because it really does free up your time in order to manage your time in order to run your business. We ultimately decided to work with Woon and Podcast Publishing because we wanted to free up our time and have an expert in podcasting to help us with the publishing of podcasts. When Woon came in, the learning curve was much much bigger step. We hold quite similar values in ethics and running businesses, we both have a passion and aptitude to want to do better in helping people around. I run a BCorp, a social purpose driven business. For me it continually showed that we sat on the same page in the way we ran our businesses. It just helped enourmously to have someone that you can rely on and trust as a partner. I would absolutely recommend Woon and podcast publishing."

Will Richardson - Host of Sustainable Business Podcast - Green Element

"Woon and Podcast Publishing has exceeded all of my expectation in terms of this project. I wasn't sure if I were going to launch a podcast but, I'm in Zoom all the time anyway. Woon made it really effortless for me. I was able to connect with a lot of the experts in my industry and that would not have been possible if I didn't do the podcast. I was able to connect with a lot of the experts in the industry if I did not do the podcast. So I was able to focus on what matters in my business which is connecting to these experts and give value to people who is able to listen to this podcast."

Lourdes Gant - Host of Business of Aquaculture Podcast - Sustainable Aquaculture

"I've been loving working with Woon Tan on my podcast - and I cannot wait for launch! As well as working with me on really crafting my plan, Woon's expertise on podcasting, editing and hosting has been super insightful with his feedback and advice on how I can grow my audience and speak to them as a host. Podcasts are such a powerful way to build followers and community, and Woon is the perfect person to work with on this."

Kathleen Hamilton - Host of Ikigaia Podcast

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