Quick Start To Podcasting

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What you will learn:

  • Top 5 reasons why podcasting is the easiest way to establish your personal brand.
  • The top 3 excuses preventing you from launching a podcast and how to overcome it.
  • Create your perfect podcast idea in less than 15 mins

Who is Woon Tan?

I'm a podcast agency owner and a podcasting mentor. Officially, my job is to work with impact entrepreneurs to launch and scale podcasts. But really, I make you fall in love with the podcasting process so that you can create a podcast that you are proud of which ultimately leads to the income and impact that only you can make.

Woon is the founder of Podcast Publishing and has worked with more than 60 podcasters and published more than a 1000 episodes of podcast since 2019.

What are others saying

Woon Tan was one of the mentors on Marketing 5.0, teaching participants about podcasting and its benefits for entrepreneurs. Clearly, the man knows what he is talking about. His experience and knowledge came through in his content, his responses to questions and his feedback. He went above and beyond what was expected of him. An attitude he brings to the work he does for his clients as well. When you need support to start your podcasting journey, look no further. Woon Tan is your man.

- Gerdi Verwoert - Dare Greatly Podcast, Founder of Dare Greatly Coaching

Gerdi Verwoert
Josef Hajkr

Woon was one of the lecturers in the Marketing 5.0 microschool. I really liked his example of how to use podcasts in marketing campaigns. Plus, his lessons were fun. It can be seen that the Woon podcasts actually live. I took his advice. It helped me win the course. Thank you very much.

- Josef Hajkr - Founder, Simple Genius and Shine Consulting, Experts in Digital Project Management

I've been "planning" a podcast for well over 18 months and during the marketing micro-school Woon simplified the process in such a way that I feel confident that I can integrate a podcast into Networking 5.0. What Woon has done is to deliver the content and resources that enable someone who has little knowledge of podcasting to be able to create their own. I very much appreciated the style of delivery on the training and it was evident that Woon cares about his audience and is passionate about podcasting. - Jacqueline Rogers - Founder, Athena Network, #1 Referral Network for Business Women

Jacqueline Rogers
Franciska Meshe

Woon shared so much value and great knowledge in the podcast session as part of the marketing micro school 5.0. Not only did he make it very easy to understand and follow, but also shared a lot of interesting insights, platforms and best practices which Im sure will help me do a much better job when doing my own podcast in the future. Thank you for a session full of value!

- Franciska Meshe -Founder of Tripulse, Sustainable & Ethical Activewear Entrepreneur

I was blown away by Woon's Podcast 5.0. It was perfect for me and perfect timing since I've recently launched my WebTV show, Health, Wisdom & Wealth. I got so many gold nuggets. He brought clarification to the distinction between my avatar and the target market for the show. There was so much value shared and I'm grateful for it! Thanks Woon!

- VLynn Hawkins, Founder of P3 Academy, Business Development and Digital Marketing for Healthpreneurs

VLynn Hawkins